Conversions between Time Zones

Dec 29, 2007 at 7:12 PM
The schedule is published from a Houston, Texas point of view since that is the location of Johnson Space Center. I did not want to do the date arithmetic to advance the day when midnight arrived in Eastern Time and Houston, TX was still 11 PM. I decided to have the program use time zone conversions. That was when I discovered that .Net 2.0 did not handle conversions between time zones! One can do conversions between the local time zone and Universal Coordinated Time all day long; but there is no method to convert between time zones in .Net 2.0. I searched on MSDN and found the TimeZoneInfo that the Base Class Library team had published on their blog. The .Net 3.5 Framework has the TimeZoneInfo, but it was in beta release when I was developing this program.